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Trail Head Sign
Welcome to Marg's Draw Trail Head and Sacred Trees Vortex Experience!  If you see this sign in the parking lot you are in the right place!  The trail is across the street (see picture below).  Don't forget to turn on your Wifi!  And please don't forget water!  
Trail is across the street. IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no metal gate! They took it down.
Just follow the TRAIL! There won't be a metal gate.

Remember, there won't be a gate!


Now get ready for a little uphill hike. It’s not too bad! About a 5 minute hike. Take your time!  There is no hurry.  Let me teach you a first step in shamanism:

Touch some of the trees and plants on your way up! Say hello to everything! You can do this out loud or internally.  The core principle of all this journeys is:

If you honor them with your acknowledgement they will honor you with healing, clearing and energy!

Halfway up, take a 1 minute rest. Then continue on—wait till you see the view when you get to the top! 

When you get to the top you want to click button below: Sacred Location #1!

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