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Sacred Location #1
The Gatekeeper
You Are At The Top!
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Important Note: Make sure you read all the text along your journey!  Please don't skim!  It will really make a difference to your journey!

Important Note:

  • The PURPLE ARROWS are pointing to Sacred Locations.

  • The WHITE ARROWS are directional.

  • *Very Important: When you step into the Sacred Location make sure you don't have your cell on your person. It can interfere with the energy!

  • You are at the beginning! Please see picture below. Head down the trail towards the mountains. Not far though. The first Sacred Place is my brother the Gatekeeper to this place.  You will see the purple arrow pointing to him in the picture.

  • Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #1

  • From the thin brown trail marker to Sacred Location #1:

    Yardage: 15.6 yards
    Pedometer: 14 Steps

Beginning of Trail to Gatekeeper (Purple Arrow)!
The Gatekeeper
(Important: There is now a "Thin Brown Vertical Sign" in front of Gatekeeper)
Gatekeeper Frontview

Please face my Brother and offer this prayer (or it could be words that you create on your own or flow out of your heart):  

" A Ho, Brother!  I offer many blessings to the Old Ones And Ancient Ones, to Grandfather Sky and Grandmother Earth and the Grandfather and Grandmother Tree, Rock and Plant People and to the Four-legged and Two legged and Winged and those that crawl under the earth and over the earth and to the Great Spirit of the Water in this place.  Please bless us on this sacred day we have taken for ourselves and help us keep our heart and mind and body open for any healing or energy or clearing you wish to offer us. A Ho.”

Then place your hands gently on either side of the tree, letting Him feel your heart.  You might also ask permission to enter this Sacred Area: “Permission to enter?”  I am sure you will hear a “yes”.  This is one of my oldest allies in the shamanic tradition here in Sedona!

Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #2

From Gatekeeper to where you make left (see purple arrow):

Yardage: 57 yards
Pedometer: 35 Steps

Continue Down The Path To Purple Arrow
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