• Gregory Drambour

Wanting A Consistent Connection With Spirit

Client: I can’t pierce through to a more consistent connection with Spirit?

Greg: Any idea what might be blocking you?

Client: I was hoping you might know!

Greg: (smiling)You’ve seen everyone, taken a dozen workshops, read a hundred books? Client: Exactly.

Greg: I don’t know your whole story but do you think

you might have a very innocent false idea about where you think you are wanting to go?

Client: What do you mean?

Greg: Well, we want to question where it’s written that a consistent connection to Spirit is the goal? Maybe the goal is to be consistent with “how you respond” to what

is always true – that life will go up and down, that the connection to Spirit will feel present and then sometimes not – these movements are part of life. What you can control is "how you respond" to this shifting.

I call this “embracing the principle of inevitable.” You will go up and down in your connection and the more that you can be kind and accepting of this inevitability the more connection you will feel! When you are in kindness and acceptance you are in fact in a connection to your spirituality. This principle is talked about in my book, The Shaman & His Daughter.

Gregory Drambour is the owner of Sedona Sacred Journeys, the premiere spiritual retreat organization in North America.