• Gregory Drambour

The Shaman Series: Bringing Shamanism Into Your Life On The Ground.

My mission in creating The Shaman Series was to show how shamanism can integrate into your real life on the ground whether it’s in your personal relationships, work or simply the way you go about your day. What’s the benefit? Life flows! The world around you is always giving you signs and guidance. The shamanism I teach is about seeing those signposts. In The Shaman & His Daughter the sign pops up while shopping at Safeway! In The Woodstock Bridge while out in nature with expressions of Spirit from the Tree-, Rock- and Plant-People.  In The Lead Guitarist & The Sisterhood of the Wolf

with a record producer and a deep bond with her animal-totem, the wolf. In the Native American tradition everything is alive. It wants to be your friend, it’s reaching out its hand to you – always.  My invitation to you, brothers and sister, is to please take it! The Shaman Series is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ibook, Kobo and everywhere else in the universe. $6.95 3 Book Box Set.