• Gregory Drambour

Shamanic Training - Spirit Animal

Student: How do I meet my animal totem, my spirit animal? Greg: Is there animal you feel in kinship with? Student: The wolf! I love wolves. Greg: Go to a place in nature that feels special to you, where you have spent time. Sit down on the ground. Close your eyes and go very quiet inside for a few minute then say these words from your heart. “I invite the Wolf-People to come and join me. My heart is open. I want to become your friend. My name is …” Student: It’s that simple? Greg: It can be. There are other ways. But I would give that a try and see what happens! If you suddenly see or feel a wolf in front of you, please don’t discount it and think you’re just imagining it!

I feel many teachers of shamanism want to make meeting your totem way too complicated. Simple and from the heart is always best. For me, my shamanic journey started with meeting my panther those many years ago. At first, he was pissed! Because I had been innocently ignoring him for a while -- I knew I had a kinship with panthers. Over 35 year journey together we have become brothers, best friends and partners. I go-he goes. We have had a lot of great adventures together! In my practice he helps me see into the darkness of client’s emotional bodies to identify the root or foundational thought creating a block. One could say, he is “lending me his power.” A phrase you will see used in Castaneda’s books or in the Toltec tradition.

My big message to everyone about totems is they want to become friends with you, just like a person would. Meaning it’s not “just” about using them in some way -- whether it’s in your healing work or for some other reason. Its’ like the Tree, Rock and Plant People – they want to be your friend 😊. Always and forever, brothers and sisters, “If you honor them, they will honor you. A Ho.”

Gregory Drambour is the author of three books on shamanism.