• Gregory Drambour

Shamanic Core Principle: If You Honor Them, They Will Honor You

Interviewer: I have heard you talk about the core principle to your shamanic work. Greg: “If you honor them, they will honor you.” That was what was handed down to me, everything I do flows from that. Interviewer: Is it a form of acknowledgement? Greg: You got it. When I honor the Tree-People or Rock-People by acknowledging them even with a simple hello, they honor me and my clients by perhaps flowing up energy or a clearing. These life-forces in nature want to be your friend, they want to help you. Interviewer: That’s feel comforting. Greg: More than you can imagine, my friend. The Holy Men, my brothers, always kept it simple. Reach out your hand and it will be held. Everything around you is alive, the plants, tree, rocks, special little places. When you acknowledge it’s aliveness by a simple gesture – all nature will you hug you back. This is the path of Spirit. A Ho.

Gregory Drambour is master shamanic healer and has written three books on real world shamanism.