• Gregory Drambour

"Seeing In Shamanism"

Interviewer: Can you talk about “seeing” in shamanism?

Greg: Much of what I do is based on my “seeing” in the moment. This could be with clairvoyance, - audiency or - sentiency.

Interviewer: How do people open up “seeing” in themselves?

Greg: First, let me say this: After 35 years of teaching, I see what blocks folks from learning that and at the top of the list is innocently not absorbing what sounds overly simple or it’s something they already “know.”

Interviewer: You mean -- “I know what you mean-listening” that you talk about in Mastery of Studentship Video?

Greg: Yes. How you open to “seeing” is believing you can! Is having confidence in what is whispering to you and not disregarding it as just your thoughts or a trick of the light. Next, let go of pre-conceived ideas of what it looks like when you “see!” Next, act on what you are “seeing.” All of these actions will open it up.

If someone asked me what is the core teaching or theme in my books, I would say they are about “seeing” or people who “see.” What does that mean? They are stories about moments when folks are seeing “past” what’s in front of them. They are feeling someone’s heart or Spirit. These moments can certainly go to extreme magical, when one is “seeing” their animal totem or a guide come through the veil or a vision from another time. Over the years, many clients ask me how to do it. As it was handed down to me from my brothers, the Holy Men, the first move is about intention. Why do you want to open this part of you? For me, beyond my work, is to feel the world at a deeper level, to sense the magic that is happening right in front of me, to be able to feel the Tree-People on my personal hiking.

Brothers and sisters, from my “seeing” has come so many friendships in nature – from the Fairy-People, to the Rock-People to my deep allegiance to my Panther brother and my new friend, the Black Wolf you see on my book cover, The Lead Guitarist & The Sisterhood of the Wolf.This book would not exist without her friendship and support – this I will not retreat from – I am deeply honored to be called her friend. My heart is full. A Ho.

Gregory Drambour is the owner of Sedona Sacred Journeys and the author of three books on the Warrior’s Way.