• Gregory Drambour

Real World Shamanism

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Interviewer: Do you feel there is a misconceptions about people who practice shamanism?

Greg: Yes, but I don’t think it’s anything negative. And it’s one of the reasons I wrote The Shaman & His Daughter to show how shamanism ingrates into a real world life – like shopping at Safeway!

Interviewer: That was a great story. Could we say shamanism is about listening to yourself and the world at a deeper level?

Greg: Someone is reading my stuff! Yes, that is it exactly. That is what was handed down to me from the Holy Men. To learn to listen from your Spirit not your mind.

Interviewer: Can you explain that a little more?

Greg: Hmmm. When you quiet your mind down, it opens up the gate to intuitive listening which is an aspect of your Spirit. So it’s a non-doing! The less importance you put on the content of your thinking, the more you will truly hear the world’s whispers. A Ho.

Part of the mission of my last two books, The Shaman & His Daughter and The Lead Guitarist & The Sisterhood of the Wolf was to show how shamanism or the medicine way can flow through your life on the ground. I think that is super-important. It’s really about hearing and seeing at a deeper level, going past what the mind is seeing and to allow what your Spirit is seeing, to flow up. And brothers and sisters, that is always in the form of feelings – please don’t try to understand that with your head! For me, on my personal journey which started when I got sober 38 years ago, there was a moment when I made a very definitive decision to stop trying to figure out spirituality! It was big moment for me. The path to connect to your wisdom or Spirit is really counter-intuitive for some people. It’s a different type of learning. I know – truly – it can be frustrating. Like, “Greg, will please just give me a plan! Something to do!” My answer, always, “I hear you, my friend, I hear you.” Just hang out in the neighborhood of what is always true. For example: your thoughts create how you experience the world moment to moment or if you stop giving attention to thoughts that are not contributing to your well-being, your wisdom will flow up. We can sum it all up with this: Please don’t try so hard!

Gregory Drambour is the author of 3 books on shamanism and real-world spirituality.