• Gregory Drambour

I Know I Have A Bigger Purpose

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Client: I know there is something bigger I suppose to do with my life, I just can’t figure it out. Greg: Do you know what everyone who felt that and then figured it out has in common? (client shakes head). They stop being frustrated or in angst about that feeling and perhaps most importantly, they stopped judging themselves. Because it blocks the spiritual whispers that are trying to point you towards a bigger mission. Client: How do you get motivated? Then what do you do? Greg: I tell you something funny - very few clients ask me that question. They go into a very innocent explanation of their story, instead of asking questions. So you are already doing something.

Client: Really? Greg: Warriors are dedicated to asking questions. Here's what you're looking for: Divinity/Wisdom is always expressing itself to you – it’s giving you guidance. Believe that! That’s the answer. And when your wisdom gives you suggestions – Act on it – which tells Spirit you are listening and ready for more instructions.

What I tell clients on spiritual retreats is that a lot of the times it’s a mission of subtraction. In Toltec shamanism, we call that a “non-doing.” What does this mean? In this case, it’s having “an opinion” about yourself that getting in the way of the guidance you are wanting, the direction or greater purpose for your life. Stop judging yourself! Subtract this! You will be surprised what happens when you do this. It creates SPACE for directions to flow up from your Spirit/Wisdom. Figure out a way to let go of your personal assessment about yourself. Try this:

Spirit/Universe/God, I give over to you this judgment of myself, please take it from me, I’m ready for you to receive it.

That’s a powerful 2000 year old of praying. You can't go wrong with going Old School!

Gregory Drambour is the author of three books on shamanism.