• Gregory Drambour

"I Can't Let Go Of Them"

Client: Greg, I can’t let go of them, it’s been 9 months now. What do I do?

Greg: Do you really think you want to let go?

Client: I want to move on. I am so tired of trying to get over them. I've tried everything.

Greg:  Maybe that’s the block? You’re trying too hard.

Client: Please explain.

Greg: I know you know that you have a very powerful spiritual intelligence inside which is always present. (client nods). The word “intelligence” means it’s a management system, it has intelligence. When given it a chance, it will manage you to acceptance and letting go of them with absolutely no effort on your part. If you let go of trying to figure out how to let go of them! Create a little space for the Intelligence to flow up and help.

This was a big insight for me on my personal journey many years ago. “Spiritual Intelligence” was literal! It’s a management system and will guide you back to nice feelings when you get out of its way. We are blocking its help in many ways – one would be trying to hard – we do that because we are suffering. Makes perfect sense. But when sadness flows up about that lost relationship we want to remember it’s coming from our own thoughts about that relationship. Move away from those thoughts for a moment! Don’t let them suck you in – I know it feels “warm” there in some strange way – for a moment we are “back in” the relationship. You all know what I mean! In that moment you have moved into some habit thinking – that’s all. See it like that and point yourself in a nice direction – makes no difference what is it. Go to Denny’s and have some French toast! Go to the juice bar, for a walk. Have faith that the gift you were born with will come and guide you back to some peace - always. Put more energy into believing in that gift than being sad. Cool!?

Gregory Drambour is the owner of Sedona Sacred Journeys