• Gregory Drambour

Getting Uncomfortable = Magic!

Pre-Retreat Quote: Before each client comes on retreat, they fill out an extensive questionnaire. I read their responses when it comes in and then the night before the day of the retreat. I let my wisdom be with the client's responses and see what flows up. Here is a very powerful one:

"Get uncomfortable consistently -- it's the way you activate the magic!"

Brothers and sisters, I truly believe at the end of the day, your dreams become reality when you embrace and accept the beginning part of the journey is going to be uncomfortable. This does not mean, you can't be open to receiving the brass ring which is to hear deeply that uncomfortable comes from thought! People are looking for the secret sauce to achieve their dreams. I could say the secret sauce is the above quote! But here is the challenge: Can you accept it is!

To quote @DavidGoggins, Retired Navy Seal and Best Selling Author: "There is greatness on the other side of suffering." ---From Can't Hurt Me

Gregory Drambour is the owner of Sedona Sacred Journeys.