• Gregory Drambour

Finding Your Purpose

Client: I want to find my purpose?

Greg:  What I have discovered is usually your purpose finds you.

Client: Really? How does that happen?

Greg: You have to ask yourself if your “visible” enough for it to see you. And the first step is to see how you're “not” visible.

Client: You mean like hiding or negative thinking?

Greg: Exactly. Or are there actions you can take that create an opening but you hold back on taking them because of fear or thinking.

Client: Then my purpose can’t locate me…

Greg: You have to get out on the field and get visible! “I am here!”

This mission comes up quite up a lot on retreat. And what occurred to me over the years and even in my own journey is “your purpose finds you.” If it’s not finding you then you have to ask yourself what you’re doing not to get visible. How do you get visible? A thousands ways! But different for everyone and can be different in different moments. Bottom-line: Take action! Any action! But that’s not necessarily posting in your social media! Get out on the street and do something that’s feels a little uncomfortable. You could say, getting uncomfortable equals getting visible! In the “Afterwords” in my new book, The Lead Guitarist & The Sisterhood of the Wolf, I describe how taking action caused the Creative Muse to land on my roof and ignited the writing of the book.