• Gregory Drambour

Am I Shaman?

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Student: For a long time, I’ve had the feeling I’m suppose to become a shaman. How do I find out? Greg: By taking action on that feeling. That is the warrior code. When you get an inspiration, act on it. In the code, it's referred to as having “No Gap.”  Student: I’m not sure where to start? I'm afraid I will go in the wrong direction. Greg: Sounds like you are overthinking it. To NOT do that is the first step on the Shaman’s path. Warrior’s allow their inspiration to guide them, not their thoughts. Start there. Believing in these inspirations with "action" is the language of the shamanic warrior. Because always and forever, behavior is the truth.  Student: I got it.

Over the years in my shamanic practice, I’ve had hundreds of folks tell me they want to become a healer or shaman. Sometimes, these are feelings they have had for many years and they don’t act on them. The first thing to know is you are absolutely not alone in this resistance. You have done nothing wrong. It’s very natural and innocent to allow our thoughts to scare us, to block us. How do you punch through? There are many doorways to get to the other side. It's my job as teacher in partnership with clients to discover the doorway that gets them there the quickest. But lets say you can't reach out for support for whatever reason and you need to figure it out on your own. Here are few ways that could tip the scales and help you breakthrough to taking action:

The Power of Invocation (out loud!). This is 2000 year old way of praying:

“God (Creator, Spirit, Source), I give over to you all these blocks inside me that are keeping me from my true destiny. I ask you to take them from me! I am ready for you to receive them! I give them to you!”


"I invite my Divinity to show me how to clear these blocks. I stand in faith that this will flow up. I’m in faith, that’s my stand!"

Shamanic: Find a dry-creek bed and stand in the middle of it and call forth the Spirit of the Water, the Blood of Mother Earth to clear you of these blocks

Inner-Child: Ask your inner-child why they are afraid? And then just acknowledge their feelings – don’t try to fix them! It might sound like this: “I see you are really afraid, can you tell me what’s going on.” Please see my YT video on inner child healing.

Gregory Drambour is the author of three books on shamanism.