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Personal Hike  Shamanic Videos

The Old Ways

The reason I call this little video,"The Old Ways" is that's an idea flowed up out of me and then I saw how it mirrored the Traditional Pipe Ceremony in the Native Tradition. In my lineage, there is a saying, "What is traditional is what is in your heart." And what is of the utmost importance is to follow what your heart is telling you -- this is the way of the warrior. In this case, as my friend called out to me and I "saw" a golden beam shooting out the top of him. And then it "occurred" to me I could send a prayer up to heavens in that beam. And then I remembered this is way of the Pipe Ceremony -- the smoke of the pipe is sending our prayers to the Old Ones. Remember, brothers and sisters, always following the expressions of Spirit one moment at a time. I thank the Tree-People for honoring me on this day. And for the beautiful beam of sunlight. My heart is full. A Ho.

A Prayer For The Earth

I was thinking of the author, Gregg Braden, this morning who tells stories of how folks praying at the same time and how two people creates the impact of four people and thousand people creates the a impact of a hundred thousand! 2000 year old praying is "having the feeling" as if the Earth is WELL -- what would that feel like to you? I encourage everyone at this time to say a little prayer to the Mother Earth and have this feeling. The words don't matter, brothers and sisters, just the intention -- all they have to do is come from your heart. A Ho. .

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