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The Path Of The Old Ones Vortex Experience
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Welcome to the The Path of The Ones Vortex Experience!  I am Gregory Drambour, shamanic healer and owner of Sedona Sacred Journeys.

Please don't skim over the text! Each little instruction can really enhance your experience!

Important Instructions Before You Head There:


  • Bring 1.5 liters of water each!  Please don't scrimp on this!  Water is super important here in Sedona.

  • Wear hiking shoes or very good sneakers with good thread.

  • I want to strongly encourage you not to wear sunglasses! I know this can be hard for some of you. But you want the Mother Earth and Old Ones to see your eyes! This is really important, brothers and sisters!

  • Wear a hat if its summer!

  • Between May 15th and June 15th, best to bring bug spray.

First step!  Lets get you to the Trail Head!  Please click the Google Map Directions Link below.

When you get to parking lot of trail head, hit the back button and return to this page and click "Trail Head" button at bottom of page!  And then we are off!

Google Map Directions To Trailhead.

Back-up Directions:

From the center of town or what we call the "Y" which is the crossroads of Hwy 179 and Hwy 89A (rotary), you head north on 89A.  In 1/2 mile, past stop light, you will see a road going to the left: Jordan Rd.  Follow that to end and make left onto Park Ridge Rd.  And that will take you dirt road going to Trail head.


Directions when you get close to trail head:

When you drive onto the dirt road leading to the trail head, you are 2/10
mile from where you are going to park!  See picture below. You can park where the SUV is on the rock or to the right where the other cars are parked in second picture.

Important: Ignore the Sign In Middle! (arrow pointing down)

You enter by the Jim Thompson Trail Sign/Entrance -- that's the white arrow on right!  So when you park, you walk back to trail head (see third picture).

Park Location #1 (Left arrow) Ignore This Sign in Middle! Entrance is Sign on Right
Park Location #2
The Beginning!
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