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Sacred Location #6
Vortex Hoop #2, Inner-Child Healing Tree and Cactus-People Clearing
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 Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #6

From Sacred Hoop to Sacred Location #6 (purple arrow below)

Yardage: 125 yards
Pedometer: 76 Steps


Sacred Location #6 - Vortex Hoop #2
You're Close!
This picture is the front view---meaning if you turned left at the purple arrow in the above picture this is what you would see.
Hi!  Please turn to your left!  There are three different elements to this place of power!

In front of you, you will see another Vortex Hoop (right arrow), then to the left you will see a SMALL TREE about 4-5 feet high (left arrow)—this is an Inner-Child Helper—a very powerful partner of mine (second picture).  And the third element is the cactus right in front of you and to the left—these are Clearing Cactus!  (middle arrow)

You can choose to engage all three of these of the elements or one or two.  If you have worked with me in the office and inner-child healing has come up—this would be the place you can take it the next level!

Inner-Child Healing Tree
Location Note:  The Clearing Cactus are in the lower part of this picture above. 

Let me guide you through Inner-Child Healing first: You want to approach the little tree gently,of course greeting it

You stand on the left side of the tree and facing it—close enough the branches are touching you.  And reach out and touch it with your hands.

The idea is that the tree will flow energy around the little boy or girl inside you so they feel enough to engage you or to come out of hiding.  If this kind of healing is something you want to do really go deep with I would recommend two options: one, purchase my Healing the Inner-Child Lessons or watch my Inner-Child Video on YouTube.  The mission is acknowledge the inner-child’s feeling—not to fix them!  My Little Tree is there to help you to do this.  This kind of healing work can have very quick powerful results.
The Vortex Hoop

The Second element is the Vortex Hoop.  You enter the circle, again, always greeting the place and stand in the center (see Arrow), feet apart with hands up like the last time.  You want to face the mountains.  Let this energy take you where it wants too!  If you have a friend or partner with you—you can stand in this place together—if it’s your partner—hold hands!

You could also “Invite Your Divinity” for an insight in this place. Please see this link for online program about this:

"I invite my Divinity to offer me an insight or guidance about ________. I will stand in faith that this will flow up!"

Right Purple Arrow is where the center of the vortex is.
The third element is Cactus Clearing!

If there is something you feel you need clear like anger or sadness or the past or something you can’t seem to let go of this would the moment!

Here is what you do:

You stand in front of the group of cactus and you are going to visualize the cactus floating up in the air and then on the count of three the cactus will pass through you, catching any stuck energy that is no longer working for your highest good!  The needles on the cactus catch this energy—it’s almost like a screen.

This is an extremely powerful clearing method.  You want to start with an invocation:

“A Ho, my brothers and sister of the Cactus-People!  I ask that you please help in clearing this_________ from me.  On the count of three please float and pass through me catching this stuck energy. Thank you!”

So stand in front of the cactus spread your arms out. And then say those words.  When you feel the cactus floating in front of you, invoke, “One, Two, Three, Please Pass Through!”

You will FEEL something pass through your body!  Do this three times, perhaps focusing on different parts of of you body: neck, torso, waist, head. 
Important: remember to be doing some deep clearing breaths as this is happen.  Make the exhale dramatic so if I was stand a ten feet away I could hear that exhale—super important!  You will feel when it's complete.

Now, breathe in golden light, letting it fill up every part of your body.  Do this for at least 1 minute.  Thank the Cactus-People!

You can do these three elements in any order—use your instincts to guide you!  That’s one of the overall missions of this journey---to trust in yourself and your own power! 
These Are The Cactus! 

You Are At The End!

Final Prayer

You might say a final prayer when you come to the end of the vortex experience!  I usually do at the place where I started, in this case, at the my brother, The Gatekeeper.  It could sound like this, but of course, you do whatever feels good to you:

"A Ho, Gatekeeper!  Thank you so much for these blessings on this special day. May these blessing rest inside me, like newly planted seeds in a beautiful garden growing deep roots and reaching high to you Creator!  I thank all the Old One and Ancients One here. I am deeply honored by your support. A Ho."

A Ho, my brothers and sisters, A Ho.
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