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Sacred Location #5
Vortex Hoop #1
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Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #5

From Little Sister to Sacred Location #5

Yardage: 124 yards
Pedometer: 76 Steps


Follow The Purple Arrow To Vortex Hoop
You're Close!
You are at the first Vortex Sacred Hoop!

Look to your left—you will see the vegetation creating a hoop.  In the native culture, these Sacred Hoops in nature are very powerful.  This place is a classic vortex—a very powerful one!  Once again, it’s important to greet this place!

I would recommend using this greeting: “A Ho, Old Ones!  My heart is full!  Permission to enter?”

If you facing the circle you want to stand in the six o’clock (see arrows) position On the other side of that little bush.  You will a little place to stand there. Anywhere in the outer rim of the circle is good! Please stand facing to the right.

All sorts of different kind of magic can happen here!  You want to keep your feet apart to keep those lower chakras open.  I would hold your hands in front of you at waist level with palms facing the earth (like your holding your hands on a counter in front of you).

Now if you get the instinct to hold your hands in another position—FOLLOW IT!  It’s super important to follow your body instincts on this journey.  That is how you own your power—by believing the messages it gives you! 
The core intention here is to let yourself partner with the energy here. It wants to help you!

If you feel a spinning sensation—let your spiritual or etheric body spin—not your physical body!

The energy here might try to spin you up in the air! If you feel that happening—go with it! Just shape-shift into a beautiful bird and go flying!  Don't make a big deal about shape-shifting!  Just imagine it happening!  Let yourself take a journey in the shamanic tradition—go see what you can see!  Let yourself be guided.  Your flight make you to a place of power where you will meet an Old One who wants to offer you wisdom.
The key thing to remember here is et happen what starts to happen.  You will understand what I mean when you get there! Let your creativity come out!  I am giving you my 30 year play book!  It’s all about trusting all the signals you are getting!
You will know when this experience is over.
Remembering to thank this place!

The next Sacred Location is only twenty feet down the trail on the right side!  A very good bush friend of mine called "I'm Very Green!" See picture below:
Now, look down the trail and you will see a Green Bush on your right which is about 8-9 feet high.  This is my brother, “I’m Very Green," a very special friend of mine.

You want to spread your arms out and press your body against him.  If you are very lucky, he will ask you “what you are very?”

See my brother knows who he is!  He is Very Green!  See what flows up in you.  For example: I am a very good listener!

Please thank my brother!
Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #6

From Sacred Hoop to Sacred Location #6 (purple arrow below)

Yardage: 125 yards
Pedometer: 76 Steps

Please Follow Arrows to Sacred Location #6
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