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Sacred Location #4
My Little Sister
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Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #4

From Veil Tree To Sacred Location #4

Yardage: 60 yards
Pedometer: 48 Steps


Follow Purple Arrow To My Little Sister
 You are about to meet my number one ally in the shamanic tradition! I call her my Little Sister! A very powerful little tree with an inner-child spirit. **She might be a few feet bigger now! I have to re-take picture of her!

I invite you stand facing her (you will be on the path to do this) and greet her and introduce yourself:  A Ho, my sister, I greet you!  My heart is full!  I am _______. "

My sister can sometimes be particular to who she lets close to her.  So it's important to ask her if you can come closer.  If you get a "no", don't worry it!  She just feels you are not ready for the energy she has to offer.  She might feel differently when on your return trip back to you car. (and don't THINK she will say "no!") 90% of the time she says "yes!"

If she says, "Yes" then you want to give her a very gentle hug and as you are hugging her, try to match her breathing or pulse with hers.  This is a first step in shamanism when trying to connect with plants, trees and animal totems--called "non-verbal communication."  The Trees Love This!

Then see what happens!  You might feel the inner-child inside you or my sister might offer you a message.  Just go very quiet and still.  I would not spend more than 2 minutes holding her.  You can step back and continue the engagement.

When done, please thank her!  "A Ho, my sister, thank you for this blessing!"

My Little Sister!
Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #5

From Little Sister to Sacred Location #5

Yardage: 124 yards
Pedometer: 76 Steps
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