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Sacred Location #3
The Veil Tree
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Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #3

From where  you made left turn on trail to Sacred Location #3.  The Veil Tree is literally where the path turns a little left:

Yardage: 63 yards
Pedometer: 42 Steps


Follow Purple Arrow
Veil Tree

This what I call a "Veil Tree" which creates a veil between this world and the other side.  It helps people come through who might want to complete something or communicate something to you. This place gives them the energy to come through.  If you feel this might helpful on your journey, this is a place that you can intend for that to happen.

Please greet the tree:  “ A Ho, my friend, A Ho.”

(You are going to be standing  in the middle of the path just to the right of the arrow so if people suddenly walk by you want to disengage but there are very few people on this trail.)

Close your eyes and feel the earth under your feet and open yourself to the energy around you—this is a very powerful place!

As an example perhaps your father has passed but you feel there is something to say to him or perhaps its about forgiveness.

Two things could happen here depending on your seeing ability: one, you will feel or see the presence of someone in this place; or two, you could make an invocation to someone important in your life that suddenly “occurs” to you—this is super IMPORTANT if this happens!  Go with it!  See if you can feel the presence of this person.  If you think you can’t so that—let go of it!  You can—I promise you!

Now this person will show up to the left or right of you and they could be 10-30 feet away.  Let your senses extend out.

When you feel or see that person this is your chance to say what you need to say or hear what they need to tell you—which could be life changing.  Express your feelings, don’t hold back.  Don’t try and reach for what they are saying—just have FAITH, you can hear it.  If you don’t—that’s okay—repeat—IT'S OKAY!

Important Note: Do not judge yourself on this experience if you are not feeling anything or as much as you hoped.  That judgement will shut you down very fast. 

Just try a prayer: "Spirit, I give over any blocks I have to this experience today, please take them, I am ready!"

When this moment comes to end, thank them for coming and please thank this place for their help.  As you can see we continue to embody:
If you honor them, they will honor you.

Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #4

From Veil Tree To Sacred Location #4

Yardage: 60 yards
Pedometer: 48 Steps



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