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Sacred Location #2
The Grandmother Tree
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Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #2

From Gatekeeper to where you make left (see purple arrow):

Yardage: 57 yards
Pedometer: 35 Steps

Beginning of Trail to Gatekeeper (Purple Arrow)!
Grandmother Tree

Please look to the left and you will see the Grandmother Juniper Tree!  Very very powerful.  She is about 50 feet from the trail.  See picture above.

This Sacred Tree is about “receiving”—big time.  Especially important to those who have a tendency to always be giving to other people!

Please approach Grandmother slowly, making each step a gentle prayer. You will see a small entrance (See Arrow in lower part of picture).

It always important to greet these sacred places before engaging them:  

“A Ho, Grandmother!  I am _______, my heart is full.  Permission to enter?” You will feel a yes or no inside you.  Trust in this. 


Inside Grandmother Tree
Enter thru the opening in front of the tree and here you can do two things: one stand underneath the branches with your hands holding a branch on either side or, two, go inside to the heart of the tree—you will see a place to stand in there!  Be super gentle.

Close your eyes and slow your breathing down, going very quiet inside.  Don’t try to reach for anything or doing anything!  This evolution is about RECEIVING!  Don’t try and manage it!  Stay at least 3-5 minutes or as long as you like.  Let the tree take you where it wants to go! 
When done, it's important to thank the Grandmother Tree for this blessing in whatever way flows out of you. Or you could say,  “A Ho, Grandmother, thank you for this blessing.”

Come back out on trail and make left and follow the arrows in picture below:
Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #3

Going back to where you made left turn on trail--from that point to to Sacred Location #3 (purple arrow below).  The Veil Tree is literally where the path turns a little left:

Yardage: 63 yards
Pedometer: 42 Steps
Continue Down The Path To Purple Arrow
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