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Sacred Location #8
Gateway to Magical Hill
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Sacred Location #8 - Gateway to Magical Hill

You will see an opening, across to the path on other side.  You are at the Gateway of a very magical place!

Ask permission to enter: “Permission to enter this Sacred Place?” You will feel a yes or no inside you! If you get a yes, walk up the hill and explore!  

This special place has multiple places of power and energy.  I want to encourage you to take some of the tools and suggestions I have made and discover your own special places.  Trust your feelings!  Follow them without thought, moving from one expression of Divinity to the next!

This is where I leave you!  I hope the sacred walk was empowering to you!


Final Prayer

You might say a final prayer when you come to the end of the vortex experience!  I usually do at the place where I started, in this case, at the my brother, The Gatekeeper.  It could sound like this, but of course, you do whatever feels good to you:

"A Ho, Gatekeeper!  Thank you so much for these blessings on this special day. May these blessing rest inside me, like newly planted seeds in a beautiful garden growing deep roots and reaching high to you Creator!  I thank all the Old One and Ancients One here. I am deeply honored by your support. A Ho."


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