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Sacred Location #7
The Place of The Old Ones
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Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #7

From where you made the left to second left (see purple arrow below, pointing to left)  

Yardage: 22 yards
Pedometer: 18 Steps


Where you make left into. Then left at 1st Purple Arrow

Sacred Location # 7 - The Place of The Old Ones

You will see a natural opening here.  You definitely want to ask permission to enter this sacred place:

"Permission to enter, Old Ones?"

This is a very special place to me personally.  I feel the Old Ones very strongly in this place.  And I have had some very powerful supernatural experiences here.  You want to stand where the purple arrow below is indicating.

I took a big problem here once and it showed me the truth of it with a vision. Sometimes when we have a stuck-ness we don't ask for help--this would be the place toask!

There is an old saying: God has all these blessings he/she wants to give us, he isn't just waiting for us to ask!

Please don't forget to thank this place before leaving!


Place Of The Old Ones.
Purple arrow indicates where to stand!

Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #8
Important Directional Note:

You Come Out The Way You Came Into "The Place of The Old Ones". And then you make a left and count steps to Sacred Location #8.  It's right in front of you!

Yardage: 16 yards
Pedometer: 13 Steps (super close!)
This is Left Turn
Sacred Location # 8
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