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Sacred Location #6
Old Grandfather Tree
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Right Purple Arrow to Sacred Location #6 - Old Grandfather Tree.

Sacred Location #6 - Old Grandfather Tree

There is something about this tree that feels very wise. It always feels like a place to ask an important question. Believe you will hear it!  Have faith!  Warriors love to live in faith! Let him feel your heart--maybe the heart no one gets to see! Let yourself be exposed!  Warriors nurture their vulnerability!

What occurs to me as I write this is you might communicate with Old Tree non-verbally!  Maybe dance in front of him!  This is shamanism, brothers and sisters!

Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #8

From Old Grandfather Tree to where you make the left see white arrow below)

Yardage: 26 yards
Pedometer: 22 Steps

*The purple arrow below is pointing to Little Green Evergreen Tree that sticks out a bit--it's more a big branch.  Please say hello for me! It has a beautiful Inner-Child Spirit!  I never pass by without saying hello!


Say Hello to Little Tree and make your first left
This is Left Turn
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