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Sacred Location #5
Plant Vortex
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Plant Vortex - Front View

Sacred Location #5 - Plant Vortex

This is the Plant Vortex!  You will find three picture below so you don't miss it. You will see a little opening to the left. Greet the Plant People: “A Ho, Plant People, A Ho!”

Enter through opening and then stand in middle and turn around and face mountains.  Put your palms face down at waist level and in front of you.  This is a classic vortex.  Sometimes you will feel spinning.  Go with it.  See if it wants to propel you up into the air and go flying!  Shape-shift into a bird (eagle, hawk, etc).  Go see what you can see!  This vortex is very multidimensional.  It does many different things. Just be there, let it take you where it wants to go! Spend as long as you want.  Keep your body and bottoms of feet open.

Sometimes you will have a vision--the key is to get active with it. What I mean is to engage it--let it move forward--see what it wants to teach you.  You can ask questions of the force that presents it self.  We're here to learn about ourselves! Don't be afraid to fall into the experience!  Always, letting go!  These Plant People want to help you and partner with you!  You are doing shamanism!

At any point if you feel you are not feeling anything—just say this:

“Spirit (God), I give over to you any block to this energy, please take it from me, I am ready for you to receive it! Thank you!”  

When done, remember to thank the Plant People!


Vortex Opening
Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #6

From Planet Vortex to Old Grandfather Tree:

Yardage: 20 yards
Pedometer: 17 Step (super close!)

Purple Arrows Point to Sacred Location #6
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