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Sacred Location #3
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Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #3

From the Dry Creek Bed to Arizona Cyprus--Very Powerful Tree!

Yardage: 58 yards
Steps: 48 Steps


Please Touch & Say Hello To This Grey Tree! This is not Sacred Location #3!

Continue down the path to the next purple arrow!

Path To Sacred Location #3 - Power Tree-- Purple Arrow Points to It
My Brother!
Sacred Location #3

This is a very powerful Tree-Person! (front view in picture below). It has the gift of  being able to flow energy into you and energize you. This is a perfect progression after you were cleared.  First clear, then fill up!

Please stand in front of tree and offer my friend a greeting:

"A Ho, A Ho, my brother!”

Let your chest touch the branches—a hugging position. Go quiet.  See what happens!  Remember to open your body and chest wall—you are focusing on receiving here.  It's like you are opening up two french doors. You might have a vision or the tree might communicate something to you!

Remember to thank the Tree!  This is so important!
Close Up of My Brother!


Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #4

From Power Tree to Inner-Child Tree:

Yardage: 24 yards
Pedometer: 20 Steps (She is Close!)

The cool thing about this path is there is one spiritual/sacred place one right after the other.  Please take your time!

Next: The Inner-Child Helper Tree!

(purple arrow below)
Path to Inner-Child Tree --It's Just a Few Steps!
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