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Sacred Location #2
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Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #2

From Gatekeeper to first Dry Creek Bed you come too which is Sacred Location #2:

Yardage: 100 yards
Steps: 84 Steps

In the next four pictures, follow them to Sacred Location #2, a powerful Clearing Place!


Follow White Arrows Down Trail!
The Purple Points to Clearing Place!
Make Left Into Dry Creek Bed
Sacred Location #2

This is Dry Creek Bed, a powerful Clearing Place (pic below).

Consider for a moment, what you most need to let go of. What is really getting in your way from making healthy choices?  Sometimes we don't know!  That's okay!  We could say, " I give over what ever is getting in my way--I don't know what it is!  I don't care!  Please take it. I'm ready! I give it to you!  

Please stand where the arrows point. You want to stand facing upstream in a crucifix position palms facing forward and invoke these words:

“Great Spirit of the Water , Blood of Mother Earth, please clear us of any energies that are blocking us from our highest good.  A Ho.”  

You will feel the water flowing over you. You could turn whatever you are trying let go of a certain color, like pink and let that color be washed away. Stay 2-3 minutes.  Breathe out with clearing breathes while it’s flowing.  Then thank the Water for this clearing!

This can be incredibly powerful.  Have faith in its power!  Please thank this place for the clearing:

"A Ho, Great Spirit of the water, thank you for this clearing and releasing these things from me. I am honored."

Please Stand Where Arrows Point

Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #3

From the Dry Creek Bed to Sacred Location #3 which is Arizona Cyprus:

Yardage: 78 yards
Pedometer: 48 Steps

As you move up the trail as you see in the picture below, a Special Friend of mine!  A Grey Tree (purple arrow pointing right).  Please give the branch that extends over the trail a "pat" and a warm hello.  Everything counts out here, brothers and sisters!

Note: The Grey Tree is NOT Sacred Location #3!

Please click Sacred Location #3 below!

Follow White Arrows to Next Location
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