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The Path Of The Old Ones Vortex Experience
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Important: Along the way you are going to see: "Destination Measurement."  This will give you a sense in either Steps or Yardage how far you are to next Sacred Location.

Important: You can also Click "Map" at bottom of page to see where you are in proximity to Sacred Location.  Just click the + symbol to zoom in.  It's a cool feature!



  • Purple Arrows Point to Sacred Location.

  • White Arrows Are Directional


Distance Measurement to Sacred Location #1

From "Jim Thompson Trail" Sign to Sacred Location #1--The Gatekeeper:

Yardage: 125 yards
Steps: 104 Steps

When you get to Dry Creek Bed--you crossover to the continuation of the trail on the other side.

Just keeping following the natural flow of the trail! You won't get lost!


Follow White Arrows Down Trail!
Cross Over Dry Creek Bed
Path To Gatekeeper. Purple Arrow Points to Big Tree which is the Gatekeeper
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