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Gregory Drambour
Gregory Drambour
Master Shamanic Healer, Spiritual
Teacher, Author, Owner of Sedona Sacred Journeys
The Woodstock Bridge by Gregory Drambour
"A Marvelous Adventure! I Recommend It Highly!"
--Richard Carlson, author of Don't Sweat The Small Stuff, NY Times Best-Seller

A lost soul. A man desperate for meaning. Can he discover his inner Warrior and unleash the power to change?

Two decades after the heady 60s, John struggles to make sense of his life. With fading optimism, he’s unsure if he can ever make a difference in the world. But crossing paths with a Sioux warrior gives him another chance for mentorship and wisdom.

As John learns to confront his fears, can he find the passion that makes life worth living?

Seasoned spiritual teacher and master shamanic healer Gregory Drambour has guided over 12,000 clients to a better understanding of the Warrior’s Path. In The Woodstock Bridge: A Journey To Discover Your Spirit, he shares his hard-earned Native American wisdom to help guide you toward hope. Through simple yet powerful truths, you’ll discover how to lead your spirit toward fulfillment.

The Woodstock Bridge is an insightful and educational tale of spiritual empowerment. If you like intuitive teaching, inspiring stories, and expert guidance, then you’ll love Gregory Drambour’s catalyst for change.

Buy The Woodstock Bridge to reconnect with your inner warrior!

Kindle: $4.99

Paperback: $14.95

Order Directly From Greg
and Get A Signed Copy!
The Shaman & His Daughter by Gregory Drambour
120 Amazon Reviews

Is it your destiny to help people? Perhaps become a healer? Come follow the journey of one Shaman's Life on the ground in the real world...Do you sense you have a gift but are not sure how to use it?

Seasoned master shamanic healer and spiritual teacher, Gregory Drambour has guided over 12,000 clients in his 35 year career to a better understanding of to how live from one's spirit and hundreds into the healing arts. Now he’s sharing his wisdom with you through these powerful personal stories.

The Shaman & His Daughter contains 18 short stories that explore the special bond between a shaman and his gifted clairvoyant daughter, Angel-Girl. Come inside and get a close-up view of a shaman-in-training. Through these tender tales you’ll learn how to develop and expand your unique healing abilities and own them.

In The Shaman & His Daughter, you’ll discover:

  • How to talk with the Tree-, Plant-, and Rock-People

  • How to "see" inside clients to their core issues.

  • How a shaman is guided to heal clients. 

  • How to listen and act on the wisdom inside you.

  • How to merge with your animal totem.

  • How to project yourself to another location.

  • How to clear yourself and clients of blocks, and much, much more!


Buy The Shaman & His Daughter to explore the real world of shamanism!

Kindle: $5.99
Paperback: $14.95

Order Directly From Greg
and Get A Signed Copy!
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Are you someone who has a deep love of music and spirituality and inspiring journeys of overcoming your fears? Then you found a book that will touch your heart deeply. A story that will perhaps help you clear your blocks and resistance to achieving your dreams!  


James Ryder, the lead guitarist, is a shaman in his own right – in the same vibe as Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison and other musicians who embodied a connection with Spirit. James has “seeing” dreams and mystical happenings throughout the book, and his fiercely soulful guitar playing embodies a deep communication with another world.

Then we have the maverick record producer, Char Montgomery, who is deeply bonded with her Wolf-Totem-Sister and was adopted by a Native American Crow Elder. She truly walks the path of the shaman. It’s integral to her life. I felt it was important for me as a teacher to bring shamanism into real world situations in all three books. We want to walk the path of the warrior in our daily life. I hope these books reflect that mission. 

Click the button to purchase "The Lead Guitarist & The Sisterhood of the Wolf" to free your spirit today!

Kindle: $4.99

Paperback: $14.95

Order Directly From Greg
and Get A Signed Copy!
Messages From The Magic Kingdom By Gregory Drambour

Messages From The Magic Kingdom is a series of short stories about my secret adventures here in Sedona.  Something amazing is always happening in the Magic Kingdom. This is Book One with 5 stories. Its free!  You will find inspiration, fun and just general coolness in the pages.

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